Saint-Paul-en-Forêt resides on the edge of the Esterel mountains. 

The area offers walkers authentic streets and alleys, and can be the starting points for walks through the wonderful forest to Lake Rioutard amongst pine, white oak and cork trees. Besides nature trails the lake offers bass, carp, roach, pike fishing. 

The village became independent of Fayence in 1824 and was traditionally a producer of heather brooms. The village glass factory was prosperous until 1974 and visited by  Queen Jeanne who gave name to the big glass bottle – La Dame-Jeanne, often placed in a basket with two handles.

The Chapel of St. Joseph consecrated in 1030 was destroyed in 1884 during the route of the Draguignan road and replaced by The Church of St. Paul (XVIII). The church has a square bell tower and an ancient wodden statue of St. Paul, believed to have the power to ward off hail.