Themed Holiday

With an exceptional location Villa Callian is an excellent venue for themed holiday / courses for small groups. The villa is well suited for photography, painting and other art classes as well as an additional family home away from home when attending a wedding or special birthday celebration for the whole family on the Côte d’Azur. 

The first floors bedrooms can made up to twins so four single beds plus two (children’s room) and the library on top floor will be able to convert to an additional bedroom making the top floor’s into two double and one fold out double bed.

Watercolour painting holiday

An excellent location for art classes with accommodation for up to twelve and multiple work areas.

Photography holiday

Lots of places to shoot, both inside and on the grounds opting for a superb photo shoot or class.

Networking event or Celebration

The large terrace and open space living areas is great for a networking even and or celebration.